Photographer Tim Owen

Tim's interest in photography began in the early 70's and grew out of his desire to photograph images to integrate into his paintings. (Tims artwork in acrylics, as well as his collection of nature photography will soon be featured on the website.) The next several years were spent working in both mediums and developing a large collection of nature and environmental photographic images. He has led workshops at the Oregon Coast Aquarium teaching tidepool photography, as well as two years documenting native plants of Oregon, with reknowned herbalist/botantist, Howie Brownstein of Columbines and Wizardry.
Between Tim's passion for music and his desire to photographically capture the living human moment, he embarked on a project of B/W live music portraiture around 1990. SInce that time, Tim has developed a collection of over 200 artists. He has had his work featured on VH-1 specials, artist and music related commercial websites, CDs, magazines, and other promotional materials. Tim and his partner, Ananda, have been writing concert reviews and featuring Tims photos in an excellent online music webzine called The Cosmik Debris, since 1998..
Tim and Ananda also have a booth at the annual Oregon Country Fair, located outside of Eugene, Oregon where for the past 14 years has featured Tims music and nature photos. Musicians and fans like to come by and see who might be on the wall from year to year. It has become a place to gather and discuss live music. Occasionally Tim will do various gallery shows to display his work. He has many collections available for display use, in both color and black and white. Nature and environmental images, as well as concert , rally and festival images are available for display.
Upper Photo- Ananda in booth 99 w/ photo display.

Right Photo- Tim and Ananda at their booth- OCF 2001

Other areas of photography Tim has worked in, include real estate photography (from 1991-95), as well as several years of slide work for artists for jurying purposes, and wedding and portrait photography. Tim finds the challenge of working under adverse conditions to be exhilarating and has a gift for capturing the moment on film, using only natural and/or available light and surroundings for his subjects. He has developed an excellent reputation for his low impact/high quality work, and his expertise in the field of photography

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Please feel free to email Tim or Ananda Owen with any questions you may have regarding his photography and his availability for work.

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